Weed Control Services

Precise Weed Control
& Weed Abatement Services

Weed control and weed abatement are some of the many services that Agriserve Pest Control offers for residential and commercial properties. We also offer bare ground weed control and abatement programs. Weed control is the application of EPA-approved chemicals to kill existing weeds and to prevent new weed growth. There are two types of weed control: pre-emergent and post-emergent.

Post-Emergent Weed Control

Post-emergent weed control kills the green weeds you see on your property. After the chemical is applied you can expect green weeds to wither and die in 7-10 days.

Pre-Emergent Weed Control

The chemicals used in this type of weed control need to be incorporated in the soil, by means of rainfall or irrigation, in order to be effective. Pre-emergent weed control stops weed growth before it emerges from the ground.

*Pre-Emergent Guarantee

Provided our customer follows the aftercare instructions we provide with every pre-emergent application, we will guarantee our service for eight months from the day we applied the chemical. If significant weed growth occurs during the eight months following your service in areas we've treated, simply call us and we will schedule a touch-up visit free of charge to you.

Some weed growth should be expected - we cannot guarantee 100% prevention. However, the weed growth should be minimal and should not require you to spend hours pulling or cutting down weeds. If you wanted to spend your time weeding your yard, you wouldn't have called us!

Weed Abatement

Weed abatement is the removal of nuisance weeds. Many of our weed abatement customers receive notices to remove weeds for compliance with local ordinances. We recommend that our customers follow weed abatement with weed control to prevent future weed growth. Please call for a free estimate.

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