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At Agriserve, our arborists and pest professionals supply trustworthy pest control services to home and commercial clients throughout Southern California. For over 25 years, we have actually partnered with Pasadena homeowners and business owners to supply affordable solutions for pest and tree-related concerns.

We're strongly dedicated to assisting our local client base. If you're trying to find a trustworthy arborist or pest expert, call our office for more info.

About Us

Agriserve was founded in 1993. Since our inception, we've assisted numerous homeowners and business owners in Southern California. We're driven by a goal to provide expert services at budget friendly rates. Our long-lasting success is a testament to our dedication to our customers.

We use an expert arborist to assist with all tree-related services. In addition, we provide extensive pest control, rodent control, weed control, and a host of other services. We additionally have competence dealing with specific niche pest concerns, like the Goldspotted Oak Borer.

At Agriserve, our focus is providing outcomes. We offer recurrence warranties with all our pest control services. We can take care of any concern on our very first visit to your property.

Our Services

As a professional in a wide range of pest control services, there isn't a concern that Agriserve can't tackle. Below, let's take a more detailed take a look at some of our leading services:

Weed Control Pasadena

Weeds can quickly take over your lawn and garden if they're left unattended. While your immediate reaction might be to pull the weeds out yourself, this is just a short-term remedy to a long-term problem. At Agriserve, we utilize expert weed elimination techniques to eliminate weeds from your garden and prevent their recurrence.

Not only do weeds destroy the aesthetic appearance of your garden, but they also divert nutrients and sunlight away from grass, plants, and trees. This can have a disastrous influence on your capability to keep a healthy garden.

Our company uses both pre-emergent and post-emergent weed control services. This is the best way to use a comprehensive weed management technique that also avoids more weed development. All our chemicals are approved by the Environmental Protect Agency (EPA).

Shrub Spraying Pasadena

It's not just trees that suffer from exposure to pests and other external dangers-- homeowners must also think about their shrubs and bushes. In addition to our tree spraying services, our team at Agriserve can also help you protect your shrubs. We use industry-leading treatments to ensure pests can't harm your residential or commercial property's plants.

Emergency Pest Control Service Pasadena

While we provide all the above services to our customers, we're additionally able to provide emergency pest control or support if you have an urgent problem. If you have rodents, gophers, or any other pest affecting your life, you might require instant support. Do not wait for things to get out of control before you call a pest elimination service.

If you need an issue mitigated straight away, contact us for emergency pest control. We guarantee we're outfitted to handle the problem on our first visit.

Goldspotted Oak Borer Removal Pasadena

Over the last few years, the Goldspotted Oak Borer (GSOB) has found their way from Arizona and Mexico into specific areas of Southern California. This borer is extremely efficient at killing different oak species. If you have oak trees that you believe are suffering an attack from GSOBs, it's critical to get in touch with our team quickly.

Rodent Control Pasadena

Rodents might seem charming and friendly, however they can trigger expensive damage to houses, office buildings, and other properties. If you want to avoid the prospective risks of a rodent problem, it's vital to call a pest control company that you can trust. Rodents can do anything from damaging your lawn to triggering internal infestations.

If you're searching for a 'pest control service near me,' Agriserve is the perfect partner.

Tree Insecticide Spraying Pasadena

It's essential to employ an expert tree insecticide spraying service if you want to safeguard yourself from bugs and other animals before they make a lasting impact on your trees. We utilize efficient insecticide treatments to prevent insects from damaging your tree's health-- call us if you want to discuss our solutions.

Gopher Control Pasadena

Gophers can bring about serious concerns for your lawn, plants, and trees. While these pests may look charming, they quickly start to feed upon your tree roots, plants, and other vital parts of your garden. It's essential to utilize a professional gopher control team if you want to secure the health of your yard, plants, and trees.

Arborist & Horticultural Services Pasadena

Our arborist is qualified to provide tree evaluations, tree inventories, and arborist reports. No matter what type of tree issue you're encountering, we have the competence to help you find a successful solution. Don't think twice to call our office to set up a thorough assessment if you're stressed about the health of your trees.

If you wish to enhance the health of your trees, utilizing tree fertilizer is a reliable way to offer extra nutrients.

Our horticulture services offer support for your lawn, trees, and gardens. If you're trying to find disease control, yard care, weeding, fertilization, or any other gardening services, we can help. We partner with local business owners and homeowners to preserve the health of their gardens, shrubbery, lawns, and trees.

There isn't a task too small or too huge for Agriserve. Get in touch if you would like additional details about our arborist or horticultural services.

Why Choose Agriserve?

With multiple pest and weed control services in the region, why is Agriserve the best choice for you or your company?

  • We have verified testimonials
  • We have over 25 years of experience
  • We provide 'reoccurrence' warranties
  • We utilize EPA-approved chemicals
  • We utilize certified arborists
  • We offer free estimates to all customers

Contact Agriserve for a Free Quote

If you need help controlling pests, rodents, weeds, or any other problems, it's time to contact our team at Agriserve. As the most trusted name in Pasadena, we're strongly devoted to helping our clients access cost effective and timely services. Contact our office today if you 'd like a no-obligation quote for any of our services.

We Have Experienced Staff

Here at Agriserve Pest Control, we provide quality weed and pest control services for both residential and commercial properties throughout Southern California since 1993, with 22 plus years of experience.

Plans to Fit Your Changing Needs

Big or small - we handle it all. Whether you have a small area in need of treatment or a number of acres, we are well equipped to meet all of your weed and pest control needs.

Customer Satisfaction is #1

All weed and pest control applications are done in a professional manner by highly trained technicians who are committed to exceeding your expectations.

At Agriserve we realize the importance of communication and know that problems don't just arise during business hours. Included in our service is the availability to speak to one of our company representatives at aII times.

Good service all the time.

Palm market Avatar
Palm market

Love these guys! They make my weeds DISAPPEAR!

John Cochran Avatar
John Cochran

PVMAC has used Agriserve for over 15 years, they are always on time and do a great job. Excellent customer service, and joy to work with. Jennifer is Awesome. ThanksOn 6-20-16 we had some weeds come up and Agriserve came out at no charge to re-spray them all, Great Customer Service. I will never use another company.Thank You so Much,Larry

Larry Marsh Avatar
Larry Marsh